Undergraduate Program

The HPA Minor requires the following four courses (3 hrs each),
plus one elective, for a total of 15 credits. (Please note that some courses have prerequisites.)

Required courses:

HPA 150: Introduction to Public Health
Offered fall semester only

HES 360: Epidemiology
(Prerequisite: an applied statistics course)
Offered both fall and spring semesters

ECN  240: The Economics of Health and Medicine
(Prerequisite: Economics 150, an applied statistics course)
Offered fall semester only

HPA 250:Internship in Health Policy and Administration
Arranged and approved by Director in fall of senior year to be carried out the following spring semester

HPA electives include, but are not limited to: (choose one)

Anthropology 362: Medical Anthropology
History 339: Health Cure in American Society
Biology 396: Biomedical Ethics
Humanities 390: Interdisciplinary Seminar on Aging
Philosophy 161: Medical Ethics
Health and Exercise 312: Exercise and Health Psychology
Sociology 335: Sociology of Health and Illness
Sociology 336: Sociology of Health Care
Women’s Studies 321: Interdisciplinary Seminar on Women’s Health Issues
Psychology 322: Psychopharmacology

Other electives may be approved by the director
if the student can make a persuasive case as to its relevance to the minor.

Suggested Schedule:

Since many of the required courses involve prerequisites, students should plan ahead
to ensure they can meet all of the requirements in four years.

The following schedule suggestions may be helpful:

First Year: Lower Division requirements, including  prerequisite ECN 150.

Sophomore Year: Prerequisite Applied Statistics.
(Various department courses, depending on major.
Applied statistics course that includes using SPSS is preferred.)

Junior Year: HPA 150 (offered only in fall semesters), elective (spring semester).  

Senior Year: ECN 240 (offered only in fall semesters), HPA 250 (spring semester),
HES 360 (fall or spring semester).

Internship Info:

Information regarding the student’s requirements and sponsor’s expectations for the internship can be found here.  There is also a form at the end that should be completed and signed by both the student and sponsor.

Guidelines for writing the paper can be found here.