Required Courses

The HPA Minor requires the following four courses (3 hrs each), plus one elective, for a total of 15 credits. Please note prerequisites include an Applied Statistics course and ECN 150.

HPA 150: Introduction to Public Health
Offered fall semester only

HES 360: Epidemiology
(Prerequisite: an applied statistics course)
Offered both fall and spring semesters

ECN  240: The Economics of Health and Medicine
(Prerequisite: Economics 150, an applied statistics course)

HPA 250: Internship in Health Policy and Administration
Arranged and approved by Director to be carried out senior year


HPA Electives include, but are not limited to: (choose one)

Anthropology 362: Medical Anthropology
Biology 396: Biomedical Ethics
Health and Exercise 312: Exercise and Health Psychology
History 339: 
Health Cure in American Society
Humanities 390:
 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Aging
Philosophy 161:  Medical Ethics
Psychology 322: Psychopharmacology
Sociology 335: Sociology of Health and Illness
Sociology 336: Sociology of Health Care
Women’s Studies 321:
 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Women’s Health Issues

Other electives may be approved by the Director if deemed to be relevant to the minor.

Suggested Schedule

First Year: Lower Division requirements, including  prerequisite ECN 150.

Sophomore Year: Prerequisite Applied Statistics.
(Various department courses, depending on major. Applied statistics course that includes using SPSS is preferred.)

Junior Year: HPA 150 (offered only in fall semesters),  HES 360 (spring semester), elective (either semester). 

Senior Year: ECN 240 (offered only in fall semesters), HPA 250 (spring semester), HES 360 (fall semester), elective (either semester).